Things That Must be Packed in Your Roadside Emergency Kit

The crew working at Chico Hyundai wanted to make certain you pack these items in your roadside emergency kit.

Jumper cables can give another motorist the chance to jump your dead battery and get you back on the road fast. Flashlight and batteries are important for flagging down help or making repairs by yourself in the dark. Tools in a bag will allow you to make a number of small repairs so you can get the car to a service center.

An empty gas can is critical for being able to allow another motorist to drive and get you fuel while you stay with the car. Road flares will keep other motorists aware your car is disabled. Tire fix-a-flat can help get the tire off the rim high enough in case of a flat.

The team at Chico Hyundai hopes you visit our facility so our team can carefully inspect your vehicle for trouble this season.



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