See How the Hyundai Veloster Performs

Performance features are numerous with the Hyundai Veloster. At Chico Hyundai, we’ll show you just how this compact car performs. It will be clear that it’s a popular choice as soon as you take it for a test drive.

A few redesigns have made it possible to get more accurate steering as well as strong braking. You can enjoy the ride quality without compromise. Playful agility allows you to handle the car around even the sharpest of turns. Choose the driving mode that matches your driving style for an experience you won’t soon forget.

Performance under the hood is impressive regardless of what trim level you have. However, the Veloster N contains a turbocharged engine with a 275 horsepower output, allowing you to open up on the roads. The R-Spec and Turbo produce 201 horsepower, too, providing you with plenty of options when you want something powerful.



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