Sleek and Contemporary Cockpit in the Hyundai Veloster

The new Hyundai Veloster has an all-new lineup of five trims, which you can test drive at Chico Hyundai. The Turbo and Turbo Ultimate models boast premium amenities for short and long trips. For example, both of these well-appointed editions come standard with a power-adjustable lumbar cushion in the driver's seat. These trims also have heated front seats with multiple levels of warmth.

For its relatively affordable design, the new Veloster has impressive technological amenities. Every trim has the standard Apple CarPlay portal for iPhone connectivity. Each model also supports Android connections through Android Auto. Featuring dynamic guidelines, the rear view camera of this Hyundai heightens your awareness of the perimeter.

As the most expensive model, the Turbo Ultimate offers several exclusive technological features, such as wireless charging. A head-up display and an 8-inch touch screen are some of the trim's other high-end installations that provide guidance on the go.



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