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Financial Hyundai Assistance Offered at Chico Hyundai

Deferred Payments and Relief Offered by Hyundai

During these difficult times, people’s lives can be affected in an incredibly short amount of time.  But despite the uncertainty, we at Chico Hyundai want to make sure you and your family can breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to managing vehicle finances with us.  That’s why Hyundai is happy to offer relief solutions to customers, including Hyundai owners (and potential owners) here in the Chico, CA area. Check out the offers below.

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Delivery services for car maintenance at Chico Hyundai for social distancing

Can I get my car serviced without going into a dealership? 

With the current concern over the spread of COVID-19, our dealership is being proactive about social distancing. Social distancing is one of the recommended ways for society to stop the spread of COVID-19, and it means that people should stay at least six feet apart or further if possible. In that spirit, you can find delivery services for car maintenance at Chico Hyundai for social distancing. Read on below to learn about this service and other safety precautions. 

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What are the most fuel-efficient Hyundai models?

Hyundai vehicle fuel economy ratings 

Which Hyundai models are the most fuel-efficient? Of course, hybrid, electric, and plug-in vehicles are going to lead in fuel efficiency. Still, it is good to compare them all, so we have the Hyundai vehicle fuel economy ratings below. 

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